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We can guarantee its high quality and naturalness with confidence by offering our products
Our company is one of the largest producers and suppliers of tea from birch chaga.
It is the narrow specialized focus of our company that guarantees a high standard of quality of the delivered products.
We are ready to supply chaga tea in any quantity and, in accordance with any requirements and wishes of our customers, directly from our warehouse in Slovenia.

8 reasons to buy chaga tea

We can guarantee its high quality and naturalness with confidence by offering our products.

  • Powerful antioxidant

    Chaga has a huge potential to find and destroy free radicals and protect cells from the aging process
  • Reducing blood sugar

    Chaga will help reduce glucose levels in the body for type 2 diabetes
  • Nutritional support in the fight against cancer

    Chaga tincture causes the death of malignant structures and prevents the division of tumor cells
  • Natural energetic

    Reduces fatigue, increases physical activity, improves memory and concentration
  • Fighting ulcers and gastritis

    Chaga tincture will relieve pain and spasms, calm inflammation, heal injuries and microcracks, normalize the intestinal microflora
  • Lowering cholesterol and blood pressure

    Due to the mineral salts’ substance, chaga lowers cholesterol and normalizes heart activity
  • Increasing immunity

    Chaga is a powerful biostimulator that helps to increase immunity, activate the body’s natural resistance to viruses and infections
  • Beauty and youth

    Chaga eliminates lethargy and flabbiness of the skin, smoothes wrinkles and accelerates the process of skin regeneration

Whychoose us

  • Competitive price

    Our company offers competitive prices without intermediaries for wholesale and retail sales. Here you can always buy chaga tea at an affordable price!
  • 100% organic

    We collect chaga in ecologically clean regions of Siberia, Baikal.
  • Quality control

    Our company controls the quality at all stages: collection, processing and sale of products. Each batch passes multiple quality control for various indicators. All delivered products are certified
  • 100% cleared in Europe

    All products are officially cleared and declared in Europe. You won’t have to pay additional customs fees and taxes.
  • Fast delivery

    All products are located in our warehouse in Slovenia. We will make delivery in Europe from 1 to 3 days.
  • Guarantees

    We are not afraid to take responsibility for our product and are ready to refund your money if the quality does not satisfy you.
  • Flexible terms of cooperation

    We trust our customers! Therefore, we are ready to ship our products without prepayment.

FEEDBACK from customers

We can guarantee its high quality and naturalness with confidence by offering our products.

Gabriel Belmonte, Portugal

Chaga tea is an amazing drink!

Many people probably don’t know what chaga is and how to use it. That’s how I found myself among those people who didn’t know that there is something like this in nature, which could not only eliminate the symptoms of abdominal pain, but also just drink like tea.

I have been drinking chaga for three weeks now, and the most surprising thing is that the pain in my stomach gradually began to pass, sleep became much calmer, my vision from constant work at the computer sits down, and here I began to be in a normal state, that is, to recover.

Taking chaga as tea, you immediately feel the unique aroma of nature, as if you are somewhere in the forest and you are treated to a natural drink. It holds its taste and healing effect for up to 3 days (like tea brewing). Each time you brew a new portion of chaga, a unique and divine aroma of nature hangs in the air.

I will say only one thing – if you want to eliminate and cure various pains in the body and improve your health, take chaga! But when you drink it, forget about alcohol and another drink that contains at least the smallest share of alcohol, otherwise you won’t get the effect.

Anna Kobina, Poland

Cheerfulness according to grandma’s recipes!

Feeling is super!

I started using it in the morning instead of tea and coffee. Invigorates better than any energizer. A cup a day, and fatigue along with lethargy, as it was not. Suggestion is to make the effect better, decoct for two or three hours in a thermos.)))

Cheerfulness according to grandma’s recipes!

My grandmother also used to drink chaga – birch mushroom for cheerfulness, although at that time she bought chaga mushroom at the market. I, faced with the problem of lack of vigor, recalled my grandmother’s recipe. I bought a chaga tea drink on your website. According to the manufacturer on the website, the chaga birch mushroom was collected in safe and healthy areas of Russia, which carries strength and healing properties.

The manufacturer recommends brewing inonotus obliquus like chaga: take 50 grams, pour 250 ml of boiled water at a temperature of no more than 60 degrees, leave for 48 hours, then drain the liquid, squeeze the chaga and take 3 cups a day half an hour before meals, store the tincture from 3 up to 4 days. Tea is obtained with a brown color with an earthy taste. I drink twice in 1 cup a day, as I drank it three times a day for the first time (perhaps because of my particular body), I had such an intestinal cleansing that I had to save myself with good old charcoal tablets.

After the first use of the tea drink, I felt a really invigorating effect. Usually I feel this state after coffee, but, unfortunately, I can’t drink coffee often.

Of course, I didn’t feel all the healing properties of chaga birch mushroom in full, but this is only my fault. Since I don’t take the course, but only when I need to, that is, no more than two days…

Ekaterina Grudnova, Russia

Chaga tea drink – health by the forces of nature!

We drink chaga tea every day and for more than one year in our family.

In recent months, we buy chaga tea on your website.

Studying a question, you will find different recommendations for its preparation. For example, on the package of chaga, which I present to you, is written a recipe for making infusion.

But we do as follow: 50 gr. chaga fall asleep in a thermos (0.5 l) and pour boiling water at a temperature of 60-80 degrees. Decoct for a day, then drain into a container and store in the refrigerator. Take a third of a glass 30 minutes before meals.

The chaga that remains after draining into the container can be re-filled and decocted. And this can be done 3-4 times.

Of course, each time the tincture is less saturated, because the portion can be increased.

I wish you to meet chaga, if you haven’t already. And take the tincture prophylactically.

Let’s be healthy!

Tina Novak, Slovenia

Chaga is a natural antiseptic

Chaga is known among the people for a very long time, but not everyone knows what it is healing and can it suit everyone? To put it in simple non-medical language, so that everyone can understand, chaga tincture disinfects and kills pathogenic microbes. Disinfects when taken orally and when applied externally, washing and applying to festering wounds … Chaga decoction can stand for many years and won’t deteriorate, and won’t even be covered with mold on top (checked on itself).

Chaga has a weak diuretic effect and heals stomach ulcers.

But the greatest advantage of chaga is its ability to kill cancer cells even at an early stage. And it is better to engage in prevention than to wait for a dangerous diagnosis!

Tomas Simon, Hungary

Chaga tea drink – to be young and healthy!

Rather, it is a brew, as we say, because it is brewed. The taste is a little bit of wood, then you don’t notice. First of all, the drink from the chaga mushroom has properties that inhibit the development of cancer. Residents since ancient times, drink a brew from chaga in one of the Polish voivodeships. So, no one gets cancer there. The drink gives youth and strength. I don’t walk ten kilometers with a dog for nothing, and I’m not eighteen years old. The drink reduces cholesterol, normalizes blood pressure, balances. Chaga is useful for the stomach, from female diseases, in particular from breast cancer, affects prostatitis in men. A drink from the chaga mushroom, you must drink it constantly, and not drink it, as the prescribed medicine. Naturally, you need to smoke less and drink, otherwise neither chaga nor snags will help.

Drink chaga brew birch mushroom and be healthy!

Todor Nikolov, Bulgaria

Сhaga is an amazing storehouse of vital and mineral

I will say right away that chaga is an amazing storehouse of vital and mineral substances and organic acids, as well as amino acids. But recently I learned that the use of infusions from chaga contributes to the normalization of metabolism in the body, that is, the metabolism is normalized, due to which people who are overweight due to metabolic disorders lose weight. That is, if you are overweight, which doesn’t go away in any way, then you have a metabolic disorder, that is, fats, proteins and carbohydrates, and chaga will help you. It was said that the chaga was brewed in a thermos at the rate of 1 to 5, poured with water at 50-70 degrees and insisted for 5 hours. After that, take tinctures of half a glass 3 times a day for a month.

Liza Petrovna Turbina, Ukraine

I knew from childhood about the beneficial properties of this mushroom.

I knew from childhood about the beneficial properties of this mushroom. My grandmother often treated me to her tea from the chaga. The taste of this drink is neutral and doesn’t cause any discomfort. By color saturation – can’t be distinguished from coffee. By the way, my grandmother lived to be 95 years old in full mind and health. She was practically not sick at all, but died, as they say, from old age – she fell asleep and didn’t wake up. Chaga has antitumor properties, so I periodically drink a small course. I buy ready-made chaga and brew it in a small thermos-mug for 5 minutes. I drink two or three times a day before meals. I can’t say anything about the antitumor effect, but as soon as I start drinking chaga, I have some kind of cheerfulness, I’m ready to turn mountains right away. At first, I thought it was a coincidence, but this is the third year I have been drinking courses and every time I repeat this surge of strength. In addition, received a pleasant side effect. I passed tests for sugar and cholesterol (I periodically monitor them) and here are miracles, everything turned out to be not only normal, but also lower than my usual indicators. And this is another result, the pressure has become even lower than the norm 110/75. But this doesn’t oppress me at all, on the contrary, as I already wrote, a surge of vigor. Perhaps this mushroom doesn’t act like this on everyone, but you can try it, unless there are contraindications.


We can guarantee its high quality and naturalness with confidence by offering our products.

Chaga tea is one of the best natural energy drinks

Синдромом хронической усталости диагностирован у 20 миллионов жителей Земли. А регулярно недосыпает, чувствует упадок сил и переутомляется больше половины

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Chaga against inflammatory processes in the body

Воспаление бывает острым, хроническим и даже скрытым. Но чага способна справиться с каждым из них.

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Chaga – natural healer of the digestive system

«Мы – то, что мы едим». И правда, от качества усвоения пищи, ее состава, количества зависит наше здоровье

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Chaga for diabetes

Если вы ищете способ снизить сахар, то чага – подходящее средство. Гриб

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Chaga and cancer: scientific research

Рак – слово, пугающее многих. Ведь, несмотря на современные технологии, для минимум 25% больных онкология смертельна.

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We can guarantee its high quality and naturalness with confidence by offering our products.

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