Chaga against inflammatory processes in the body

Inflammation is acute, chronic and even latent. But chaga is able to cope with each of them. The fungus is especially good for sluggish processes.

What is chronic inflammation and how are they dangerous

When a person becomes ill or injured, inflammation is the normal reaction of the body. But it happens that the acute phase of the disease has passed, but the tissues have changed significantly or suffered and the inflammatory reaction does not fade completely. Usually, chronic inflammation is associated with:

  • Disorder of the protective functions of the body both at the local level in the place of the problem, and in general.
  • Deterioration and aging of tissues.
  • Improper nutrition and diseases of the digestive tract.
  • Toxins.

Elevated level of ESR and C-reactive protein in the blood test indicate the presence of chronic inflammation.

Constant inflammation worsens a person’s quality of life. It is accompanied by constant pain, a violation of the normal functioning of the internal organs.

Medications don’t do well with current processes. Their treatment requires long-term medication, which is dangerous for side effects and harmful to the liver and kidneys. Chaga is a safe way to deal with the problem.

Chaga helps with inflammation

The components of the polypore easily cope with various chronic inflammations of the respiratory tract, digestive tract, musculoskeletal system, reproductive system, and others. Betulin contained in the composition is a natural antiseptic. It cleanses the body of viruses, dangerous bacteria and fungi.

  • Mushroom contains polyphenols and beta-glucans that enhance immunity. The body begins to better recognize the infection, react more strongly to it and, importantly, stop the attack on the tissues in time.
  • Birch mushroom’s antioxidants help stop organ deterioration. They encourage cell renewal and protect against mutations.
  • Sterols and pectins eliminate inflammation in the gastrointestinal tract and normalize the intestinal microflora.
  • Lignans and fiber remove toxins, purifying the body. Dangerous metals such as lead and cadmium are particularly well removed.
  • Copper, manganese and cobalt increase the number of active white blood cells. Copper regulates redox processes.
  • Molybdenum helps to remove excess uric acid, preventing the salt deposition.

Chaga contains natural steroid compounds that act like steroid medications prescribed for chronic inflammation. But the polypore effect, unlike synthetic medications, is safe, doesn’t irritate the gastric mucosa. Decoctions of polypore can be taken for a long time.

What changes can be expected when taking polypore

The first changes in treatment appear after 2-4 weeks. And after two months of taking them, they become resistant and the person is on the mend.

  • Pain disappears.
  • Joint mobility increases.
  • Internal physiological processes are normalized.
  • Level of interleukins decreases.
  • Frequent exacerbations stop.
  • Activity of herpes viruses is suppressed.
  • Microflora is normalized.
  • Vessels are strengthened.

People who start taking chaga feel more alert and active. They have a good appetite and excellent blood counts. They note ease of movement, lack of digestive problems, and a decrease in the frequency of respiratory infections. The feeling of complete health returns with chaga.

How to take chaga for inflammation

Chaga is drunk in courses of 3-4 months with a break between them of one week to eliminate chronic inflammation. The next drink is prepared as:

  • 2 teaspoons of chopped herbs are decocted for two days in ¾ cup of warm boiled water.

The finished tincture is taken in a tablespoon three times a day before meals.

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Offering our products, we can confidently guarantee its high quality and naturalness.

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