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CEDAR.WORLD is one of the leading suppliers of chaga from Russia.

All our products are carefully selected for many quality indicators and confirmed by various certificates. You can be sure of the quality of our products by working with our company.

Prices always remain at the lowest prices in Europe!
The convenient location of the company’s main warehouse in Slovenia – in the center of Europe, allows to quickly deliver (1-3 days) products to any destination!

CEDAR.WORLD – combining traditional and modern technologies of retail and wholesale trade.

We give you the opportunity to order the best Russian products in Europe, as well as in the USA, Canada and Israel, without leaving your home.

We work for you and make the online purchase process as simple, convenient and economical as possible! The order procedure is simplified to the maximum — it is possible to place an order from Slovenia by phone +386 40 590000, via the website or by email: info@chaga.si

CEDAR.WORLD wishes you a pleasant shopping experience, useful for your health, and always a good mood!

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Offering our products, we can confidently guarantee its high quality and naturalness.

Chaga tea is one of the best natural energy drinks

Синдромом хронической усталости диагностирован у 20 миллионов жителей Земли. А регулярно недосыпает, чувствует упадок сил и переутомляется больше половины

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Chaga against inflammatory processes in the body

Воспаление бывает острым, хроническим и даже скрытым. Но чага способна справиться с каждым из них.

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Chaga – natural healer of the digestive system

«Мы – то, что мы едим». И правда, от качества усвоения пищи, ее состава, количества зависит наше здоровье

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Chaga for diabetes

Если вы ищете способ снизить сахар, то чага – подходящее средство. Гриб

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Chaga and cancer: scientific research

Рак – слово, пугающее многих. Ведь, несмотря на современные технологии, для минимум 25% больных онкология смертельна.

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Our products

Offering our products, we can confidently guarantee its high quality and naturalness.

Coarse chaga tea
 14.00  12.90
Lump chaga tea
 15.00  12.50